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Wage accounting and outsourcing payroll accounting

Wages and salaries - that's our universe! 
Are you looking for an expert to take care of your wage accounting? Then please get in touch. We will calculate anything you need from A through Z, and you get to benefit from time saved! Our specialists are up to speed in all matters relating to tax law and are happy to throw light on any questions relating to labour and social insurance law that you may have. Furthermore, we have been ISAE 3402 Type 1-certified for many years ("Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organisation").

Are you having any issues with your payroll accounting?

Then take advantage of the know-how our specialists have to offer.

The Auditreu wage accounting team consists exclusively of graduate payroll accountants and experts in labour and social insurance law who form an excellent department with years of experience and teamwork.

Drawing on our experience of more than two decades in working with two different payroll accounting programmes, we are able to offer every single client just the solution they need.

Our legal experts with extensive experience in contract drafting and our competent specialists in international issues are happy to assist you in matters related to staff secondments. This is how we ensure comprehensive advice for companies of all sizes and from all industries.

Benefit from the highest level of accuracy in the ongoing settlement of accounts, proactive advice, support in drafting contracts as well as facts and figures in the form of individual wage and salary accounting reports.

We will support you in the joint audits of wage-dependent levies (Gemeinsame Prüfungen Lohnabhängiger Abgaben; GPLA) and conduct negotiations with the auditors. Thanks to our many years of experience and our excellent reputation in the sector, we are known for being able to work out solutions to the satisfaction of our clients also in audits with difficult legal constellations.

This saves you valuable time that you can use for other profit-making activities. Get to know our team. We are happy to advise you.

We calculate anything you need from A through Z

Entry and transfer of master data, including correspondence with the competent authorities in matters concerning levies

Ongoing wage and salary accounting, including the calculation of payable wage taxes and social insurance contributions

  • Settlement of special payments (Christmas allowance, paid leave allowance) and any non-current premium payments, taking into account any collective bargaining agreements and works agreements
  • Preparation of money transfers for net salaries and taxes in SEPA format (various rulebook versions)
  • Calculation of non-wage labour costs (employer contribution, supplement for the employer contribution, municipal tax, corporate pension payments), including labour union dues, works council fees, retirement fund contributions and various other company-specific levies
  • Preparation of lists of ledger entries, cost centre lists and complete monthly lists
  • Notifications and reports to the authorities
  • Hires and terminations (preparation of termination documents and data administration)
  • Net pay slip transmission to the individual employees, in an envelope or by email or using various other customised means (e.g. post platform)
  • Employee classification management and biennial advancements under the different collective bargaining agreements
  • Import of time-based data, including paid absences/extra hours and overtime as well as various allowances under collective bargaining agreements
  • Administration and handling of "occasionally employed staff'
  • Administration of family bonuses, commuter allowances and various other deductibles

Special issues are our daily fare

  • Administration of writs of execution and special forms, such as aggregation
  • Termination benefits
  • Comparison calculations, e.g. based on court decisions/out-of-court awards
  • Calculation and administration of part-time work for elderly employees/parents or various forms of paid leave/furlough
  • Calculations and administration in the event of bankruptcy or short time, for example

One of the marginal issues in wage accounting is the calculation of employee provisions (severance pay/paid leave/jubilee in acc. with the Commercial Code [UGB]) plus IFRS provisions and, naturally, also any provisions for credit hours or special payments, which we are happy to organise for you in collaboration with your internal officer responsible for the balance sheet or the tax advisor.

Preparation and transmission of annual financial statements, including advice on any changes to be expected at the turn of the year

Benefit from our tips and advice

  • Advice in tax and social law in connection with payroll accounting
  • Assistance in staff cost budgeting
  • Optimisation of employment contracts and works agreements
  • Revision of and support in the use of performance-based forms of remuneration and
  • Tax-optimised salary payments and appropriate contract wording
  • Assistance in designing and adapting working arrangements
  • Support in drawing up and adapting travel cost policies
  • Ongoing information on possible forms of tax optimisation

Travel expenses

We are happy to record and/or manage travel costs for you. We offer customised solutions, including a travel cost module with external access, the recording and calculation of travel cost accounts drawn up in the company, using Excel, for example.

It goes without saying that we also offer advice in matters relating to labour law and tax law. Also through in-house training courses or at information events for our clients.

Time tracking

Working time records and the resulting entitlements on the part of the individual employees are surely the most talked about issues nowadays. In terms of expert knowledge and software, we offer customised solutions in this field, too.

We will be happy to advise you and invite you to a face-to-face meeting.

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