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Over 10,000 calculations monthly for employees in different industries make us one of the largest payroll providers in Austria.

A high level of comfort and maximum efficiency – that is what we stand for as well. For this purpose, we use the market-leading business software “BMD” and “dpw” including respective up-to-date features.

Experts ensure safety! Because payroll involves a lot more than simply a monthly calculation of salaries and wages.

Our payroll team consists of 20 qualified payroll accountants, who are always up-to-date. Especially, since statutory provisions are constantly changing. In fact, payroll is more and more becoming a science of its own. Therefore, quality management is in demand, which we ensure with our team’s internal reporting and controlling system. And that on a top level.

We offer you an exclusive payroll full service. Next to the regulations regarding the ordinance on payroll accounts, we also monitor all relevant parameters: from wage and salary groups to executions, use of company cars, maternity leave, apprenticeships to individual and company agreements. Of course, we handle all legal work regarding the close of the year in due time.

The respectively applicable collective contract includes numerous regulations – such as classification, reclassification, increase in basic pay, special payments and special regulations. We make sure to keep an eye on all of these factors for you.

We transmit monthly payroll accounting directly to your employees: via encrypted e-mail, via web portal or in the classic way in an envelope by post.

You receive our assessments and calculations tailor-made for your requirements.

We strongly support you with complex topics such as postings, specifics when it comes to persons leaving as well as social plan payments.

We manage travel expenses and reimbursement of costs as well as we calculate benefits in case of paid absence – from sick leave to holiday, nursing leave and special leave to annual raises according to the collective agreement.

We calculate personnel provisions for the balance sheet according to Income Tax Act or IFRS as well as UGB (Austrian Commercial Code).

We prepare working time models with you and implement them in your company including the transfer to payroll. Furthermore, we consult you when it comes to the introduction of a flexitime regulation.

Our experts for social security law, tax law and labour law as well as our specialist for expats consult and support you extensively. In addition, we offer legal advice provided by labour lawyers, who we closely work with.

We manage and keep a trust account for you and make sure earnings and dues are transferred within the prescribed time limit.

Our experienced employees assist you with the joint audit of wage-dependent levies.

With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

Using a QR code scanner app on your device, you can scan the image to the left and go straight to this site on our website.