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Austrian business culture

The business culture in Austria at a glance:

typical working day in Austria is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Hierarchy and status are two important values in Austrian business culture. Make sure that you have any titles (professional, academic) you hold on your business card. When you meet business partners, you should always formally address them by their titles followed by their family names.

If you wish to establish a strong business relationship, punctuality is very important. You should arrive at meetings well prepared.

When engaging in business small talk you should not mention the role of the Austrians in World War II and it is advisable not to talk about money or religion. Make yourself familiar with facts that distinguish Austria from Germany, because Austrians are proud of the unique features of their country. They think of themselves as a ‘skiing nation’ and are very proud of their successful skiers. 


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