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Service Contract Work Contract

Every company has its own unique approach to performing tasks. So are the requirements for employees, their working hours and working method. This also applies to the required types of contract regulating the respective employment relationship. Find out what you have to consider in this context.

Company Car

Mobility is a factor of success and a vehicle qualifies as part of the equipment. Taxing it is a fairly complex issue. Get to know the most important factors in this context – from input tax reduction at purchase to the amortisation period.


In case of an audit, some preparation and information may be required. Find out how to deal with a visit by the fiscal authorities in the best possible way, what to discuss with us beforehand and which arrangements to make.

Saving Taxes with Kids

The state cares about children. However, raising them is not exactly cheap. Consequently, it is helpful to know what parents can do to save taxes – from the tax credit for children to child allowance.

Sale of Real Estate

Real estate is generally considered as safe and of a stable value. Nevertheless, there is a lot to take into account from a tax-related point of view, when selling a freehold flat, house or piece of real estate.  Therefore, the same applies here: gathering information and proceeding cautiously.

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